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Tokyo MK Taxi Group: Sapporo MK Taxi - How to Order a Taxi



How to order according to customer's style

- Reservations may not be accepted depending on the reservation status etc.

Smartphone dispatch application

Telephone unnecessary! Just order easily by tapping! You can also see the current location of the taxi heading.

From the phone

We will accept your order at the call center. 24 hours, 365 days correspondence. Please feel free to tell us your requests, requests etc.


MK only

It is convenient without looking for MK taxi!

Please use by all means when coming near you.

For taxi ordering in Chitose city

With the 2015 November 16, thousand-year-old office open, now available call us by phone the MK taxi in Chitose.

As it is possible to guide you if there are empty cars around you at the time of calling, please contact the call center for availability etc.

※ Because the number of units is limited, you can not order advance reservation or time designation.

MK smart car delivery

It is the most convenient way to call a taxi. TACPO point one percent up at great!

(Kyoto, Shiga, Nagoya, Sapporo only / ※ cash Value · MK ticket in the case of payment only)

Tokyo MK Taxi Group Transfer Services

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