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Online Fraud Detection- Save Yourself from Cybercrime


Online Fraud Detection- Save Yourself from Cybercrime

Nowadays, our life significantly became dependent on the technology that people have developed. Modern technology has created a great impact worldwide and as the people strive to progress, so did the technology.

However, though technology has brought a lot of benefits for humans, it has also been responsible for the wicked effects too. 

Cybercrime is a crime done by using a computer and internet to commit various kinds of criminal activity that can cause a threat and serious harm either physically, mentally or virtually to its victims around the world. And no one who uses a computer is exempted from becoming a victim of this criminal act usually committed by an individual or groups of individuals. 

Surely, as a brand new year is coming, cybercriminals will have new ways to execute their evil schemes. Cybercriminals are becoming more dangerous and persistent in using the advances in technology for their own benefit even if it means invading and violating other people’s rights and privacy. And it is better that we are all aware of possible risks that we may encounter and how we will make ourselves safe from cyberattacks.
Follow the simple tips below to make sure that your 2017 will be safe from cybercriminals.

1.Always use a strong password on your accounts. Select a password combination that cannot be easily guessed - a minimum of eight characters with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. And don't use the same password on all of your online accounts because it will definitely become a serious trouble.

2.Never share or display your private information online. Cybercriminals can use the information you display publicly for their benefit so be cautious enough.

3.You should keep your electronic devices lock all the time using whatever locking features the device have. For added security, turn on the automatic locking feature of your device when it goes to sleep.

4.Received an email from a suspicious and unknown sender? Ignore it. Attachments and links inside these emails might contain viruses that could steal any private information from your laptop or desktop.

5.There are dangers lurking at free apps. It definitely is tempting to download free apps but be aware that it can pose security risk too. Avoid downloading suspicious applications that require your personal information before you can login because they often hide viruses or spams. 

6.Social media have changed the way we communicate. Make your social media a safe place for you by ensuring that you set your privacy settings appropriately.

7.Think twice before transacting in the web. Make sure that you are negotiating with a trustworthy seller or buyer online and don’t easily give sensible financial information. Check their business background first. 

Many people became a victim of phishing scams and internet fraud this year. Year 2017 is coming, be informed and smart enough to protect yourself from such wicked schemes. Report any criminal activities you have witness or experience to the authorities. In this way, they can inform others from the latest evil schemes that cybercriminals do to deceive people. 

Published by Goerge , 07.02.2017 at 06:50
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